Joonam offers a variety of events to transform candy into an experience. 


Joonam specializes in creating unique works of art in the form of candy. Collaborating with our clients, we design one of a kind candies, edible centerpieces, sculptures and much more.
Allow Joonam to transform an ordinary dinner party or event into an engaging experience through a live candy making demonstration. Each guest will take home their own candies after being seduced by the scent and beauty of solidifying sugar. 

Parties and Events begin: July 10th, 2018

Children's parties

Is your child celebrating a birthday or another milestone? Joonam is thrilled to offer candy making demonstrations that are both fun and educational.

Kids will be able to participate in a live candy making demonstration while learning about the science and history of how candy is created. We will have a variety of shapes, colors, and flavors that you can choose from. Instead of your typical goody bags, kids will be able to take home candy they helped create!

To book a party, event or inquire about pricing please email or call.


Phone: (484) 452 - 3945